06 Sep 18

Your dog is our invited guest. Come for a play in our pet-friendly paradise.

There’s nothing like seeing your dog’s big soulful eyes and miserable expression when you’re packing a suitcase for a trip – they just know when they’re getting left behind! There’s an easy way to avoid the dog dramas... pack that mutt in the car and take a road trip to the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong region – the place where dogs are not only welcome, but invited guests. Here, you’ll find great dog parks and pet-friendly places to stay (including houseboats!). From Adelaide, you can grab a lead and take the pups for a stroll around the many beautiful walking trails - including one of the few dog-friendly conservation parks - Kinchina.

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28 May 18

Unplug and breathe in the Coorong’s tranquil magic

Lakes & Coorong

Grab your phone and type the word ‘Coorong’ into any search engine or social media account. Wait and see what happens. Take a look now. I can guarantee your screen will be covered with some of the most startling natural colours, and gloriously unique Australian landscape beauty you’ve ever seen. Yes, that’s our Coorong alright. The 140-kilometre-long, narrow lagoon, surrounded by stunning national park and sand dunes is a photographer’s dream. The place where the classic Australian Storm Boy movies were filmed and the ultimate getaway for people who need to relax, slow down and unplug from the daily grind. It’s that place you’ve driven past 40 times, but never had the time to really stop and properly take it all in. Because that’s what happens at the Coorong. It forces you to stop. Breathe. Listen. Relax. And eventually … explore.

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26 Apr 18

The TOP FIVE reasons New Zealand’s northern crowd, will love our southern backyard

That’s the magic of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong. Whether you’re on the top deck of a houseboat, lazing from your warm riverside holiday home, or opening a Shiraz from your cabin campfire, you’ll also be right alongside our beautifully still, freshwater paradise. Staring at the reflection of burnt orange cliff faces, all-season sunsets, River Red Gums or the historic Murray Princess cruising on by.

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23 Mar 18

The five stops you have to make on your next Melbourne to Adelaide road trip

Murray River

Car’s packed, tickets paid, you’ve taken a few extra days off work, and you’re on the road en route for Adelaide Oval to watch your favourite AFL team take down the Crows or Port. Perfect. Everyone’s excited for the game. As for being stuck in a car for eight hours – ugh. I’VE GOT YOU COVERED! Take a look at my TOP FIVE favourite places to stop and visit along the route from Melbourne to Adelaide, helping to break up the popular interstate road trip. From waffles to wineries, giraffes to bunyips, River views to iconic artworks, there’s something for everyone in the car to get excited about.

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22 Feb 18

SA’s best wine region, that you’ll kick yourself for not visiting … YET

The Adelaide Hills, Barossa and McLaren Vale, all famous South Australian wine regions, and deservedly so. Their wines are immaculate and they’ve worked hard over many years to spread the word globally, continuing to bring interstate and international guests to our shores, just for a tipple of their vintages. BUT – the wine region that I kick myself for not finding sooner (and you will too by the time you finish reading this) is Langhorne Creek.

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21 Feb 18

My backyard, a paradise for water lovers

Is there any other place in the world where you can cruise alongside four magical waterways in an afternoon? I can, right here in my backyard. Welcome to the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong region – where a quick drive from the city can see you launching your speedboat into the Murray, your canoe onto the Coorong, your yacht onto the Lake, or your board into the surf.

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18 Feb 18

See the Stars from Our Dark(est) Skies

Our unique night skies have attracted attention from some of the world’s most renowned star gazers – and right now we’re on the road to becoming South Australia’s first Dark Sky Reserve (and one of only a few in the world!). A small campsite near Mannum, named Meldanda, has some of the darkest skies ever measured by astronomers, and the local Mid Murray Landcare group (with a few other supporters) are working towards getting it accredited and formally protected.

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