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Park of the Month March 2019 - Clean Up Australia Day - Friends of the Coorong

Join the Friends of the Coorong as they remove rubbish from the Parnka Point area of the Coorong National Park as part of Clean Up Australia Day. Our rangers will take you by boat across the Coorong Lagoon to the Younghusband Peninsula to collect rubbish from the sand dunes and ocean beach.

Due to the need to transport participants by boat, numbers are restricted to 20. Additional participants who wish to stay on the mainland and clean up around the campgrounds are very welcome. All children must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Please note that this event may be canceled in the event of poor weather. This activity will be determined by water and weather conditions on the day. Should conditions not be suitable for crossing the lagoon by boat, we will clean up around the picnic area and Pelican and Avocet Campgrounds.

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Dates and times: From March 1 to March 31.