High River Flows Information

High river flows are a way of keeping the river environment healthy, strong and sustainable. It’s an ideal time to highlight the natural beauty and environments along the Murray River, making the most of this rare, natural event. While people are encouraged to enjoy the Murray River, people should be aware of the hazards and act responsibly. Be sure to plan ahead and be flexible to change.

There is so much of the Murray River Lakes and Coorong that is safe to explore and experience. Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and contact the accredited Visitor Information Centres at Murray Bridge an Mannum.

Towns are still ‘open for business’ – visit the wineries, cellar doors, museums, and many eating places. You can even take in the views from the high points, such as lookouts. Be sure to book ahead with a wide range of accommodation available in the region.

Sources of relevant information.

First port of call which links to all relevant SA Government Departments is the SA Gov. website 

Requests for assistance for on-water incidents contact the SA State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500 and their Facebook page.

The Department for Environment and Water’s River Management Information and weekly River Murray Flow Report, which provides information about water levels, flow rates and barrage operations.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority website.

The Water Data SA website, SA’s comprehensive water information portal with real-time data (like salinity, water levels).

The River Murray SA Facebook page.

The Alert SA website.


Ramblers Football Club 1 Ramsay Street
Operating from Thursday 5 January 2023
7 days 0900-1700


Mannum Football Club 28 Belvedere Road
Operating from Wednesday 7 December 2022
Monday to Friday 0900-1700

The Mannum Football Club grounds/show-grounds are also serving as temporary accommodation for caravans etc for displaced locals.:

Services at the centres
  • Emergency Personal Hardship Grants
  • Private rental assistance and emergency accommodation
  • Psychosocial support (Red Cross and SA Health) Food relief
  • Support for primary producers
  • Financial counselling
  • Legal services
  • Community outreach