Three Bridges Festival: Kegelstatt Ensemble – Workshop of the Times

13 Bridge Street, Murray Bridge, 5253 SA (Map)
2024-07-21 - 2024-07-21

Kegelstatt ensemble will delight audiences with this beautiful, historical concert. The title is taken from that of a concert series founded by Erwin Schulhoff in Dresden after the end of the First World War. The composer spent time with visual artists such as Otto Dix, while he began to feel and process what would now be recognised as post-traumatic stress, having fought and been twice wounded in trench warfare. Together they founded the concert series, “Werkstatt der Zeit” (workshop of the time), which championed and premiered new “expression- ist” music, as they felt strongly that late Romantic music no longer spoke to the times in which they were living.

Experience The Three Bridges Festival of chamber music in Murray Bridge this July! Over two days, talented chamber musicians and ensembles from South Australia will present an array of performances that promise something for everyone.

Expect a variety of performances that highlight the rich traditions and innovative spirit of chamber music. You’ll hear pieces by celebrated composers like Erwin Schulhoff and Osvaldo Golijov, known for their evocative and thought-provoking works.

Join them in Murray Bridge for an unforgettable weekend of music that will inspire and entertain. Don’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the artistry and passion of South Australia’s finest chamber musicians.

13 Bridge Street, Murray Bridge, 5253 SA