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Murray River

Langhorne Creek

Langhorne Creek is on the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide. Traditionally known for producing outstanding red wines, you will also find fantastic crisp white wines and melt-in-your-mouth fortified wines.

Enjoy great wine and join the party! Throughout the year, meet winemakers, samples special wines from the depths of grand cellars and groove away to jazz bands.

For generations, winemakers have been tending to the vines in Langhorne Creek. On the banks of the Angas River and Bremer River is a world of wine for you to discover. It was originally called Langhorne Crossing but has evolved to its current name.

Visit Angas Plains Estate, a boutique wine producer that has won numerous awards. It’s got a great place, on the banks of the pretty Angas River. Bleasdale Vineyards is where it is said to have begun. It is owned and operated by fifth generation members of the Potts family. Take a tour of this winery and you’ll learn about the history of winemaking in South Australia.

Enjoy the atmosphere of an 1800s stone barn at Bremerton Wines, amongst the vines at Langhorne Creek. Indulge in platters of food sourced and made locally.

Have you ever tried White Cabernet Sauvignon Shalistin? It’s a specialty at Cleggett Wines. This lovely cellar door is surrounded by lavender bushes. Settle in for a wine tasting and graze over a cheese plate.

Rusticana Wines and Newmans Horseradish Farm is something a little different to most wineries. Horseradish is grown and produced here. Try the popular spread with a great food platter. Look out over the fields and vines from your place on the balcony.

Zonte's Footstep is a winery and cellar door that will inspire you! They are serious about wine but not about themselves. You’re sure to have fun at Zonte’s Footstep.

Langhorne Creek, no creek, but plenty of great wine!