Lameroo Silo Art

90 B12, Lameroo, 5302 SA (Map)

The Lameroo Silo Art is a beautiful art featured in the town of Lameroo, South Australia, just near the Victorian border.

The artwork is painted on grain silos owned by Viterra, and stands at over 24m tall, and 33m wide. It was painted by world renowned artist Sam ‘Smug’ Bates, under award winning Arts Curators, Juddy Roller, the artwork is an incredible representational image of Lameroo’s strong agricultural roots; paying tribute to the resilience and perseverance of pioneering farmers who braved the elements of harsh Mallee elements. Already, the artwork has been deemed by many as the ‘best silo art in Australia’.

Installed in April 2024, it is an incredible attraction for tourists from all age groups. Surrounded with lovely facilities including a recently built playground, dog park, lawn areas, public toilets, a cafe, a hotel (which overlooks the silos), caravan and camping sites, and so much more.

A perfect rest stop for your drive between Adelaide and Melbourne or Sydney, or stay and explore what else the Southern Mallee has to offer; with some of the best 4wd parks and camping spots at our door steps.

In 2025 the artwork will be complimented by a second Silo Art installation, which will celebrate the revolving role of women in agriculture.

90 B12, Lameroo, 5302 SA