Swan Reach Conservation Park

Stott Highway, Swan Reach, 5354 SA (Map)

Swan Reach Conservation Park is a classic example of Australia’s semi-arid mallee environment. You will find tranquillity in the gently undulating limestone country with its thick local mallee canopy overhead.

There are also a few small patches of low woodland comprising false sandalwood and bullock bush with an understory of stipa grass. With around 2,017 hectares to explore, don’t be surprised if you stumble across signs of a southern hairy-nosed wombat, as these elusive creatures were the primary reason for the proclamation of this park in 1970.

The park is an astronomer’s paradise and forms the “core” zone of the River Murray International Dark Sky Reserve. The unpolluted skies and isolation from artificial light sources make the park one of the best places on Earth to gaze at the stars.

Stott Highway, Swan Reach, 5354 SA