Bertha the Bunyip

Murray Cods Drive, Murray Bridge, 5253 SA (Map)

The Mulyawonk (Bunyip)
Mulyawonk (pronounced Mool-ya-wonk)

To the Ngarrindjeri people the Bunyip is known as the Mulyawonk.

Whilst Mulyawonk Dreaming may vary from Lakalinyeri (clan) to Lakalinyeri, Ngarrindjeri Mulyawonk Dreaming in part says,

In times long ago there lived a Ngarrindjeri Ko:ni (man) who was greedy catching far too many fish than he needed.

The Elders were not happy with this selfish man who did not respect the Ngarrindjeri laws of fishing.

The Elders were so angry with this man that as a punishment they turned him into the Mulyawonk – a half fish, half man creature and banishing him to the river forever.

Ngarrindjeri children are told never to swim alone or to take more fish than you can eat from the river and lakes.

If you do swim alone or are greedy in taking too many fish, then the Mulyawonk will get you.

This story teaches children water safety and respect for the fishes of the River and Lakes.

One home of the Mulyawonk is in a river cave at Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge.

Viewing is free, simply push the button and The Bunyip will raise from the depths of its cave, booming forth it’s loud ferocious roar.

Murray Cods Drive, Murray Bridge, 5253 SA