Karte Conservation Park

Karte Road, Karte, 5304 SA (Map)

Karte Conservation Park comprises of thick, low scrub covering steep sand dunes which rise up to 40 metres. During the early twentieth century much of the surrounding land was cleared except for those areas that were unsuitable for agriculture.

Interpretive signs along the 1.5km walking trail in the park provide an insight into the importance of the area’s remaining vegetation, which provides a habitat for the threatened malleefowl.

Picnic areas and campsites are located near the start of the trail and provide an opportunity to enjoy the park’s vast expanse of wilderness and admire stunning views across the district. You may even encounter one of the park’s residents such as the western grey kangaroos, echidnas or fat-tailed dunnarts.

Karte Road, Karte, 5304 SA