Marne Valley Conservation Park

Havelberg Road, Cambrai, 5353 SA (Map)

The 105 hectare Marne Valley Conservation Park is bisected by the Marne River, which provides a focal point for the park.

The park was dedicated in 1976 and consists of gently undulated land. Much of the park is comprised of low lying, seasonally inundated giant river red gum flats. Other vegetation communities in the park include mallee boc, narrow-leaf mallee and white mallee. In the south western corner, along the eastern central boundary, and along the northern boundary the native vegetation has largely been cleared. The cleared areas are low open shrublands dominated by various exotic grasses, ephemerals, small-leafed bluebush, climbing twinleaf, bassia, balcarra grass and bladder saltbush.

Visitors can access the park by foot by several of the management tracks, but should be mindful of seasonal conditions prior to setting out. Walk quietly and you may be rewarded with sightings of western grey kangaroos taking shelter in patches of vegetation or feeding on the grasslands. If you have a keen eye you may also spot waterfowl or hear the distinct call of the iconic kookaburra echoing through the red gum woodland.

Havelberg Road, Cambrai, 5353 SA