Roylancer Distillery Co

33 Randell Street, Mannum, 5238 SA (Map)

Roylancer Distillery Co, a cherished family venture, passionately crafts an array of distinguished spirits, including their award-winning premium vodka, whisky aged in Hungarian oak casks, and the uniquely crafted Tawny Port Whisky Blend and Ruby Port Whisky Blend.

Embark on an immersive journey into the living legacy of the Roylancer family, intricately woven into the essence of every bottle of their premium vodka.

Nestled within the historic walls of Mannum’s former butcher shop, established in 1867, the distillery offers more than exceptional spirits. Step into the past and witness the transformation from a bustling butcher shop to a thriving craft distillery. They also share stories, including the challenges faced during the Murray River flood of 2023.

Roylancer Distillery Co invites you to a sensory exploration, where each sip unveils timeless tales. Embrace the spirit of their family motto, “Non-Ultima” or “Not the Last,” and become part of the ongoing narrative as they share the rich tapestry of our story with you.

33 Randell Street, Mannum, 5238 SA