SouthernSun Houseboats

707 East Front Road, Younghusband, 5238 SA (Map)
Price range from $4150 to $8400

SouthernSun Houseboat is an exquisite five-star floating paradise that warmly embraces and pampers up to ten lucky souls. Step into this enchanting haven of comfort, where dreams find their sanctuary and worries vanish like whispers on the breeze.

Inside, four sumptuous bedrooms beckon with open arms, inviting weary travelers to sink into luxurious slumber. The three immaculate toilets and two full bathrooms offer a touch of opulence to cleanse the soul. Picture yourself basking in pure bliss, immersed in the inviting embrace of an eight-person spa, serenaded by the gentle lullaby of rippling waters.

This remarkable vessel underwent an awe-inspiring transformation, emerging like a phoenix reborn from the flames of rejuvenation. Cutting-edge Starlink satellite with wifi connectivity ensures that you remain effortlessly connected, effortlessly blending modernity with natural serenity.

As the sun paints the horizon with strokes of gold, SouthernSun Houseboat unfolds its captivating charm. It becomes a tranquil cocoon where cherished memories weave their tapestry. Surrender to the allure of this magnificent vessel, for it promises a captivating voyage into the heart of relaxation and enchantment.

707 East Front Road, Younghusband, 5238 SA