Tailem Bend Historic Rail Trail

95-101 Railway Terrace, Tailem Bend, 5260 SA (Map)

This is a fully mapped and marked trail around Tailem Bend, it notes the historic significance of landmarks and buildings with interpretive signage. It’s theme is ‘rail’, as the town was built and grew around the railways.

The unique and quirky part of this trail is that the community members are the story-tellers themselves. In developing the trail, interviews were held with elderly residents and current owners of the buildings to help mark the town’s history.

This trail, and its interpretive signage, features stories, photos and information that cannot be found in traditional forms.

People can walk, cycle or drive the Tailem Bend Historic Rail Trail, and the map offers numbers and advice on the order to traverse it. It includes places such as ‘wurtun’, the first row of railway cottages, the railways institute and so on…

You can download the map online or you can pick up a copy from the Coorong Civic Centre, Tailem Bend Community Centre, Railway Station, or Tailem Bend Community Library.

Happy trail exploring!

95-101 Railway Terrace, Tailem Bend, 5260 SA