The Bend Classic featuring Country Music Festival

543 Dukes Highway, Tailem Bend, 5260 SA (Map)
2024-10-25 - 2024-10-27
Price range from $35 to $1200

Get ready to be transported back in time at the all-new Bend Classic – a thrilling 3-day event that will ignite your senses. Witness the iconic roar of classic cars as they take to the circuit, explore captivating car displays, and test your skills on the karting track for an extra adrenaline boost.

​Witness the heart-pounding Nostalgia Drags and the first-ever “Bull Throttle” rodeo show at the Dragway.

Dive into the captivating sounds of the Country Music Festival, featuring a lineup of iconic Aussie acts. Sing along to the familiar tunes at The Bend’s Podium Park and experience the true spirit of Australian culture.

Elevate your Bend Classic experience by camping under the stars at the circuit. Wake up to the sounds of engines roaring and spend your weekend exploring this unforgettable event that you’ll want to relive time and time again.

​Kids 15/Under are free!

543 Dukes Highway, Tailem Bend, 5260 SA