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05 Jul 19

River ‘shack’ living is now a luxury. Check out these places and you’ll see why!

Ok guys, if you haven’t stayed in a holiday home along the Murray River in the past few years, then it’s time to come back. Luxury – and I mean serious luxury – has found its way here. Shacks are no longer really just ‘shacks’. No, no, no. They’re now riverfront destinations. At the higher end of town, you can expect to find a second-storey deck, undercover outdoor kitchen, private pontoons, spacious games rooms, luxurious living spaces, and a deluxe master boudoir (some even with their own jacuzzi). There is literally everything you need for a premium river holiday.

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13 Jun 19

Relaxed luxury, and magic memories on board our Princess

Murray River

She’s one of the most photographed royals to grace our stretch of the Murray River, and if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of the PS Murray Princess, then you’ll already know why. But even more than her unopposed grandeur and regal aesthetic, the experience she offers on-board to guests, is one that stays with you forever. So let me take you for a sneak-peek inside what it’s like to holiday on board our beautiful Princess.

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01 May 19

All the reasons your next group getaway should be here with us…

Exploring is best done in the company of friends – and we know the perfect group getaways to take you out of a stressful city and in to our backyard, the perfect patch for fun outdoors and the adventurous at heart.

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08 Apr 19

NEWS: New visitor guide and hero film launched

People from across Australia will be inspired to book their next holiday along the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong (MRLC) thanks to a major $100,000 tourism marketing campaign being launched today onboard the iconic PS Murray Princess in Mannum, South Australia. The innovative, creative and authentic campaign is the first of its kind to be released out of this region, and will propel beautiful up-close imagery, films, stories and highlights of our local experiences to audiences through both digital and print mediums. The two heroes of the campaign are a new 24-page visitor guide booklet, plus a short 90 second hero film.

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22 Mar 19

Top 10 Storm Boy Experiences in the Coorong for Adults

Lakes & Coorong

Discover the iconic landscapes and environment captured in the new Storm Boy film by cruising through places you can only access by boat. There’s a range of long and short cruising tours inspired by the film, and being run by the innovative and adventurous teams from Spirit of the Coorong and Cruise the Coorong. Enjoy the spectacular scenery as you visit 90 Mile Beach, go on guided walks into the Coorong National Park’s lagoons and sandhills, dig for Pipis on the beach, try native bushtucker and more. PLUS - while you’re taking it all in, the crew will give insights on the rich history, ecology and wildlife of the area (and you might even be able to convince them to spill a few beans on the making of Storm Boy – we hear they helped transport the crew to ‘secret’ locations throughout filming!). OR - alternatively, if you prefer to paddle yourself, get active and explore the Coorong by kayak with the award-winning team from Canoe the Coorong.

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17 Jan 19

Top 10 Storm Boy adventures in the Coorong for families

Lakes & Coorong

With the release of the new Storm Boy retelling in January 2019, we thought it might be good to let you in on some of our favourite Storm Boy inspired family adventures in the Coorong! To make it simple, we've pulled together the Top 10 experiences - and in even better news... most of them are free (but we know you'll be happy to pay for a fresh Coorong Mullet sandwich!). Check it out and start planning your family-friendly Storm Boy weekend in the Coorong!

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12 Jan 19

Superslides, monkeys and milkshakes… sounds like the perfect place for families

Think meerkats and chimps, superslides and skateparks, waterfalls and nature playgrounds, frisbee golf and strawberry-covered waffles, bunyips and bird hides, interactive exhibits and kayak hire, plus all-ages boat rides. The list goes on… When you ask any experienced parent about the key to a good family holiday, they’ll tell you the first rule is to keep the kids ‘entertained’, so that YOU (the parents) have a moment to relax. For some, this might mean throwing in an extra BMX, barbie doll, boogie board or iPad - BUT in the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong, we’ve already done the hard work for you. So leave the trailer at home, pack the bare essentials, and we’ll look after the rest.

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06 Sep 18

Your dog is our invited guest. Come for a play in our pet-friendly paradise.

There’s nothing like seeing your dog’s big soulful eyes and miserable expression when you’re packing a suitcase for a trip – they just know when they’re getting left behind! There’s an easy way to avoid the dog dramas... pack that mutt in the car and take a road trip to the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong region – the place where dogs are not only welcome, but invited guests. Here, you’ll find great dog parks and pet-friendly places to stay (including houseboats!). From Adelaide, you can grab a lead and take the pups for a stroll around the many beautiful walking trails - including one of the few dog-friendly conservation parks - Kinchina.

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28 May 18

Unplug and breathe in the Coorong’s tranquil magic

Lakes & Coorong

Grab your phone and type the word ‘Coorong’ into any search engine or social media account. Wait and see what happens. Take a look now. I can guarantee your screen will be covered with some of the most startling natural colours, and gloriously unique Australian landscape beauty you’ve ever seen. Yes, that’s our Coorong alright. The 140-kilometre-long, narrow lagoon, surrounded by stunning national park and sand dunes is a photographer’s dream. The place where the classic Australian Storm Boy movies were filmed and the ultimate getaway for people who need to relax, slow down and unplug from the daily grind. It’s that place you’ve driven past 40 times, but never had the time to really stop and properly take it all in. Because that’s what happens at the Coorong. It forces you to stop. Breathe. Listen. Relax. And eventually … explore.

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26 Apr 18

The TOP FIVE reasons New Zealand’s northern crowd, will love our southern backyard

That’s the magic of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong. Whether you’re on the top deck of a houseboat, lazing from your warm riverside holiday home, or opening a Shiraz from your cabin campfire, you’ll also be right alongside our beautifully still, freshwater paradise. Staring at the reflection of burnt orange cliff faces, all-season sunsets, River Red Gums or the historic Murray Princess cruising on by.

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